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Too Much Sleep Deprivation for a Lifetime.

22 Mar

Okay, so today has been a day of mix feelings. Firstly, the exam.

Well, strangely it went amazing! Not to sound cocky or anything but it was too easy-breezy. I completed it way past before the time and sat their chomping onto a packet of chips while the teacher positively glared at me. (I wonder if she wanted some. I could have spared a few.)

d183c4ae8d5c11e281d822000a1f9682_7Secondly, I have a bad headache. A really bad one. Sleep-deprived, I am. I haven’t shut my eyes in straight 48 hours. Work! Work! Work! I mean, how much exactly, can a guy work for his examinations? I know, I should have studied before hand (Sounding like my Mum.) but hey, honestly 99% of the teens my age don’t EVER do that. So I’m off to sleep people. When you have a look at this, I probably might’ve already caught a few Zzzs. 


Blogging Out To The Parallel Universe.

20 Mar

b13694c4875d11e28ddc22000a9f15db_7Aaah, there is nothing more relaxing that coming home after a grueling examination and stretching your legs with the dear laptop screen blinking right in front of your eyes.

With the automated action of the fingers opening the internet, the first thing that my eyes dart to, is this blog. I know its just been a few days since I made it. Hell, its only been created two days ago and I’ve already developed some sort of likeness towards it.(Sometimes I wonder if I have OCD, but that’s a different issue.)

So, the point of this sudden “expression of love” towards the blog is that, well I’m going to be staying here a long while so hold on tight to your seats people, this engine is out to roll! xD

The Phoenix in Me.

16 Mar


They try to pull me down,
They try to keep me at bay.
They try to burn me out,
But I keep flying away.

And I rise back from the ashes,
For everyone to see.
‘Cause right inside my heart,
There’s a phoenix in me. 

From Dryness into the Lush.

16 Mar

From times old and pages yellow. I bring you stories of lands far and beautiful. Books are those little things that from the very moment you lay hands on, will be loyal to you forever. Image

A Rose Caught in Thorns.

16 Mar


I was inking through the thorns,
like a rose in disguise.
Thinking trying to figure out,
How to get past all the lies.

With all the cuts and bruises,
Throughout my life.
Holding onto branches,
Is the only way to survive.

Metallic immunity

15 Mar

I have a radioactive soul,

That can see through the disguise.

Blocking out the shadows,

Gushing my veins with cyanide.


Despite everything that you do,

To get me damaged, scarred and pained.

I can blow it all off,

‘Cause I’ve got cyanide in my veins.


Even if you pump me out with gasoline,

And set fire to my world.

It won’t hurt me like it should.

‘Cause I’ve got a radioactive soul.


I can take every bullet right on,

You can’t dare to shred me apart.

Let me tell you a little secret,

I have an immunized heart.


The cyanide keeps me running,

To keep up with the artificial smiles,

It acts like a strong morphine,

Against this counterfeit paradise.


Endangered are the stars that do not crash,

And the arch angels riding are in jeopardy.

But being radioactive has its benefits,

You can have the liberty to disagree.


I’ve played out all my cards,

And there’s nothing left to pretend.

I’ve got nothing more to lose,

I’m metallic from end to end..