Blogging Out To The Parallel Universe.

20 Mar

b13694c4875d11e28ddc22000a9f15db_7Aaah, there is nothing more relaxing that coming home after a grueling examination and stretching your legs with the dear laptop screen blinking right in front of your eyes.

With the automated action of the fingers opening the internet, the first thing that my eyes dart to, is this blog. I know its just been a few days since I made it. Hell, its only been created two days ago and I’ve already developed some sort of likeness towards it.(Sometimes I wonder if I have OCD, but that’s a different issue.)

So, the point of this sudden “expression of love” towards the blog is that, well I’m going to be staying here a long while so hold on tight to your seats people, this engine is out to roll! xD


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