Too Much Sleep Deprivation for a Lifetime.

22 Mar

Okay, so today has been a day of mix feelings. Firstly, the exam.

Well, strangely it went amazing! Not to sound cocky or anything but it was too easy-breezy. I completed it way past before the time and sat their chomping onto a packet of chips while the teacher positively glared at me. (I wonder if she wanted some. I could have spared a few.)

d183c4ae8d5c11e281d822000a1f9682_7Secondly, I have a bad headache. A really bad one. Sleep-deprived, I am. I haven’t shut my eyes in straight 48 hours. Work! Work! Work! I mean, how much exactly, can a guy work for his examinations? I know, I should have studied before hand (Sounding like my Mum.) but hey, honestly 99% of the teens my age don’t EVER do that. So I’m off to sleep people. When you have a look at this, I probably might’ve already caught a few Zzzs. 


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