The Path Of A Blogger.

11 Apr

Sometimes I wonder if blogging really makes sense…Type out your thoughts and click on ‘Publish’ and that’s it.616045189e2c11e2952822000a1f9695_7 Done. Over. Complete. It reaches the platform. Now, all you can do is wait for it to appeal the globe. Or not.

But there’s a second direction in which it can be presented. For that you need to realize, dig your brain cells, why did you make the blog in the first place. And that’s when you come to know that blogs are not just about writing and posting. They belong to you as a part. Closely knitted to your life like a modern diary. Reflecting your day, ideas, thoughts, anything. And so you end up thinking, “I’ve travelled a long path.” And that makes you content. The path’s rough, lonesome, tiring, strange and difficult. But you need to be daring to cross it.


Its valid for everything. In every walk of life and we’ve known it, down in our hearts, that effort pays off. The less travelled path is rather tough but worth it, I say.

But lets just focus on blogging right now. So, I really hope that my journey will be a long one – like that of a marathon runner. And I am in for the long haul.

And clicking the ‘Publish’ button right now, does not mean I am crossing over my own words. Rather I wish to bring them to you. Give it some time to rain into you…


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