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Unguarded Secrets (Kerosene)

11 Apr

KeroseneKeeping it all close,
Right within my reach.
A safely guarded secret,
But its turning out all bleak.

As you’ve burnt it out with your darkness.
And shattered down the dreams.
With your self inflicted purgatory schemes,
And that bottle of kerosene.

I fret through it this time,
Lying low – totally lost and incomplete.
As I fumble through the puzzles,
To find that final piece.

A rusted knife overhead,
Hovering into the outer space.
But everyone has their stardust,
Which no perception can erase.

I still hate that kerosene bottle,
That you so keenly grip.
With my petty world as your fireplace,
And the memories alight like the wood chips-
Yielding fire in my face.

The borrowed light that rains,
Is like my personal deposit
For my little share of that stardust.
To keep the glitter brightly lit.

Yet, filled with inflammable kerosene
That bottle comes in the way.
Giving way to your oxidized dreams,
Breaking me down every time I pray.

Now the kerosene oozes out,
As now that I’ve broken that glass,
I could easily grab my world,
Give you a contemptuous regard.

But I’m not the type that walks away,
Without a second glance,
I’d keep the secrets that belong to me,
And surrender the rest to chance.


Metallic immunity

15 Mar

I have a radioactive soul,

That can see through the disguise.

Blocking out the shadows,

Gushing my veins with cyanide.


Despite everything that you do,

To get me damaged, scarred and pained.

I can blow it all off,

‘Cause I’ve got cyanide in my veins.


Even if you pump me out with gasoline,

And set fire to my world.

It won’t hurt me like it should.

‘Cause I’ve got a radioactive soul.


I can take every bullet right on,

You can’t dare to shred me apart.

Let me tell you a little secret,

I have an immunized heart.


The cyanide keeps me running,

To keep up with the artificial smiles,

It acts like a strong morphine,

Against this counterfeit paradise.


Endangered are the stars that do not crash,

And the arch angels riding are in jeopardy.

But being radioactive has its benefits,

You can have the liberty to disagree.


I’ve played out all my cards,

And there’s nothing left to pretend.

I’ve got nothing more to lose,

I’m metallic from end to end..